Inner Court is one of over 750 parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God
within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland with headquaters in Lagos,
Nigeria. RCCG was established in 1952, and the church is a growing church with
Parishes of the church in over 178 countries of the world.

Welcome to RCCG Inner Court, Beckenham

Expanding the Kingdom of Heaven is our everyday business. As we welcome you into the fold of our Lord Jesus Christ, He welcomes you also. A place of deeper relationship and we are committed to raising disciples for Jesus Christ by following the teachings Jesus Christ left for us as Christians through the WORD ( The Holy Bible ).

In RCCG Inner Court - Beckenham, we believe the genuineness of working together as a team in God’s House. Our aim is to add value and impact positively in the lives of our members, our local community and extend our hands of fellowship to other charitable organisations in order to make life more meaningful and enjoyable to people with the ultimate aim to making Heaven.

In Inner Court, we often create time to celebrate each other on various occasions such as birthdays, weddings and wedding anniversaries etc; having fun together and making merry on memorable occasions . We are absolutely proud in what we do and how we make the difference felt in the lives of our member and the community we live in. We are very passionate and energetic in our services to God Almighty and humanity. Join us and enjoy what we do.

Inner Court is a church for everyone, and for ALL People. Regardless of Race, Class, Age, Gender and Background. We hope that you will feel part of our Church Family.


We accomplish this by: helping each individual Discover God, Develop personal relationship with God and ultimately Deploy their potentials. We aim to build a family of leaders and people who are constantly breaking down barriers, relating with each other to positively affect our community for the Kingdom of God.
Our Mission is to Extend the Kingdom of God and Build a deeper relationship with God using our core values of:

  • Family: We inculcate God’s principles in our families according to Acts 2:42
  • Integrity: We consistently integrate Godly character into thought, word and deed.
  • Furnishing: of saints through Godly trainings and Teaching the undiluted word of God
  • Evangelism: through diverse methods of soul winning and Transforming Souls into God's Kingdom Citizens.
  • Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations and reflect the infinite worth of God in the quality of our service.
Our Goals:

Our Objectives are: